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“Andru Bemis Visits Tulsa For First Time” — article and photos by R.J. Slately

By R.J. Slately, Dec. 2015

Singer-songwriter and string instrumentalist Andru Bemis recently visited Tulsa, Oklahoma for the first time, to the delight of audiences and the benefit of numerous musical instruments. Bemis—who tours nationally, regularly impressing with his driving clawhammer banjo playing, old-time Irish fiddling, nimble finger-picking on the guitar, humorous and heartfelt … Continue Reading ››

The Womacks, Andru Bemis rock local venue

... "Andru Bemis, hailing from South Haven, Mich., opened the evening at 7 p.m. and thrilled the audience for about an hour. Bemis' songs were story-like. He had great stage presence and a good sense of humor. To top that, Bemis was a wizard on the acoustic guitar, fiddle and banjo. Bemis, 35, travels from show to show … Continue Reading ››

Radio Radio (Indianapolis, IN) with John Reilly and Friends — review by Reel Scoop, photos by Emily Steele

… When things finally got rockin’ and rollin’—er, so to speak, [John C. Reilly] came out and introduced their warm up act (the first time I’ve ever been present for a warm up and NOT wanted to kill myself) Andru Bemis, who played some sweet-ass banjo and sang old folk songs, real old … Continue Reading ››