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“A Mother’s Confession” — song and recording by Amanda Palmer

Okay, so this isn’t a collaboration, but I am singing at the end of the recording. This is Amanda’s new song about motherhood, which she wrote and recorded the night before I arrived in Everett, Washington, to play with her and Jason Webley at a benefit concert for the Everett Animal Shelter. Following the show, we recorded the background vocals in Jason’s floating house on the Snohomish River. For the full story of the song and recording, visit

Daytrotter Session (Rock Island, IL) with Tom Brosseau — recordings by Patrick Stolley

Image courtesy of Johnnie Cluney / Daytrotter

One lovely afternoon in May, nestled in a room of a thousand guitar amplifiers, in the quiet intervals between the racket of a jackhammer tearing up the street outside, Tom Brosseau and I recorded six songs at Daytrotter’s FutureAppletree Studios in Rock Island, Illinois. Now, gentle reader, don’t be dismayed when you see no mention of my name associated with these recordings … I assure you, ’twas me. Tracks 4–5 are duets of a couple very old and very beautiful folk songs, and 6–7 are solos of my own. You must become a Daytrotter member to hear/download the recordings with me on them, but I trust you will not regret your decision … (listen here)