Andru Bemis is an American Folk musician, piano tuner, audio engineer and concert promoter. As a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he has performed throughout North America since 2001, traveling mostly by train, bus and public transportation, including two notable tours with actor/comedian/musician John C. Reilly. Bemis has released three solo albums (Plays Past His Bedtime, Singer, and Rail to Reel) and many collaborations with other artists.

Before becoming a touring musician, Bemis was a suburban Chicago postal carrier, then the owner and operator of Ground Vinyl Records, an analogue recording studio and record label in West Chicago, Illinois. In 2008 he founded Foundry Hall, a non-profit community performance organization in his hometown of South Haven, Michigan. Bemis ran Foundry Hall until 2016, when he married and moved with his new wife, historical musicologist Dr. Sarah Gerk, to Oberlin, Ohio. Bemis  and Gerk now live in Binghamton, New York, where he continues to tour, tune pianos, and host house concerts from their home on the Chenango River … Read full bio ››

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