“Straddling the boundary between punk rock and mountain music, Bemis is known for taking traditional songs most people have never heard and adapting them in ways that are both inventive and memorable.” — (Isthmus; Madison, WI)

Andru Bemis poster by Caleb Zweifler
Poster courtesy of Caleb Zweifler

Since 2001, Andru Bemis has wandered the ends, edges and in-betweens of North America like a musical Johnny Appleseed, tuning neglected pianos and bringing joy to audiences wherever he goes. Traveling almost exclusively by foot, thumb, and public transportation, Bemis carries the tools of his trade in his pack: a piano tuning kit and an assortment of battered musical instruments—banjo, fiddle, guitar, and occasional banjolele. His unmistakeable voice, exquisitely crafted songs of travel, love and longing, uncommon skill on multiple instruments, quirky humor, and engaging stage presence have endeared him to countless audiences and fellow performers in venues of every size and descriptionRead full bio ››

“Michigan’s premier neo folk artist … is a modern day train hopping, banjo slinging troubadour who has made a name for himself in small venues across the US. His charismatic live show garners (accurate) comparisons to Arlo and Woody.” — (ThisIsHappening; Lafayette, IN)