“Folkadelphia Session 5/30/2015” — WXPN in-studio performance EP by Andru Bemis

Recorded at the WXPN Performance Studio on May 30th, 2015 by James Clark Conner and Brian Goehrig. Mixed in Pennsylvania.

Photo by Felipe Luna.


released September 8, 2016

Andru Bemis: vocals, guitar, banjo

Tom Brosseau performs with Andru on a number of tracks, which can be found here: folkadelphia.bandcamp.com/album/tom-brosseau-with-andru-bemis-folkadelphia-session-5-30-2015

“Secrets of the Stream” — lyrics & chords

Words by Donald Harrell. Music by Andru Bemis

(C – Em – F – G)
(Am – F – G – Em)
(C – Am – Dm – G – C – F – G)

          C                        F                                          D7                         G
The Black River Pathway runs from Bangor to the shore
                  C                               Em                     F                             G
And it’s there for us to paddle as it flows on ever more
       Am                          F                      G                               Em
By our canoes or kayaks, no matter how we go
          C              Am        Dm                     G                C  F  G
The secrets of the stream we’ll come to know

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