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Hickory Ridge Concert Series at Lewistown Visitors Center (Lewistown, IL) — videos by Mark King

Videos courtesy of Mark King

“15,000 Miles & 30 Days” — lyrics & chords

Words and music by Andru Bemis

My love lives on the ocean, my love lives on the bay. As boats go by, does she hear them say, “fifteen thousand miles and thirty days?”

  1. I’ll spend my nights in the city, on the railroad every day. As trains roll by, their lonesome cry says, “your love lives fifteen thousand miles away”
  2. When I reach the ocean, when I find the bay, I’ll watch the boats as they pass by. Will I see my love in thirty days?

G — Bm — C – Cm – G — Bm — Am – C – D — G

Hill Street Boat House (Seattle, WA) — live recording and video by Jesse Card

Videos courtesy of Jesse Card

Recording courtesy of Jesse Card