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“Fascinatin'” — lyrics

Words and music by Andru Bemis

I say that I find you so fascinating
Want you to know each day that I let you go
Is another day closer to the end of the road

Don’t you worry that you’ll break my heart
Cause babe I’d gladly tear it apart for you
All I ask is that you let me know if you love me so

If you send me on my way
My bag’s already packed, I’ll be gone today
There will be no need to apologize
I’ve nothing to lose cause my heart never dies

And babe don’t you worry about my broken heart
You know I’d gladly tear it apart for you
All I ask is that you let me know do you love me so

But if you say that you love me too
I’m the luckiest guy anybody ever knew
I’ll be at your house by a quarter to two
Cause I only want to be with you, I say
I only want to be with you, that’s right
I only want to be with you

“Plays Past His Bedtime” — album by Andru Bemis

New Year’s Eve, 2001, West Chicago, IL. Twenty hundred hours. Bemis’ motorbike wouldn’t start. He pushed it up the hill. He rode it down the hill. It burped a couple times. Back up the hill. Then down the hill. Burp. Then up. Then down. Burp. Up. Down. Burp… That’s how Bemis ended up recording these songs from 10:00 pm, December 31st, 2001 through about 6:00 am on January 1st, 2002. You could say it took him two years. You would be wrong, though. All it really took him was a shot of Glenlivet, two microphones, one pipe of tobacco, eight hours, a class of champagne, a guitar, another pipe of tobacco, and a couple cups of coffee. Turned out a couple days later Bemis just hadn’t opened the choke all the way on the motorbike.

Credits & Acknowledgements
  • Andru Bemis (guitar & voice)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bemis. All songs written by Bemis except #3 (Home To Me), Tom Paxton; #6 (Sweet Dreams Sweetheart), Fred Howard & Nat Vincent; #9 (Jenny Kiss’d Me), lyrics by Leigh Hunt; #10 (Hard Times Come Again No More), Stephen C. Foster. Apologies to Spike Jones for pieces of #13, to Woody for the end of #16, and to Sunday school teachers across America for #17. Thanks to Chuckles for the lyrical help on #18, and to Steve-O for the EV-950 micromathingie. Proudly recorded in stereo ultra-lo fidelity by Bemis. No equalization, reverberation or beautification has been applied to this recording, other than some necessary compression in the mastering process.

"Plays Past His Bedtime" - Cover art
“Plays Past His Bedtime” – Cover art
"Plays Past His Bedtime" - Original insert
“Plays Past His Bedtime” – Original insert