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Hickory Ridge Concert Series at Lewistown Visitors Center (Lewistown, IL) — videos by Mark King

Videos courtesy of Mark King

“Five Hundred Miles” — lyrics & chords

Traditional. Arranged by Andru Bemis

              G                                     Em
If you miss the train I’m on
                    C                                Am7
You will know that I am gone
                    D7                                                                    G
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles
A hundred miles, a hundred miles
                         C                                    Am7
A hundred miles, a hundred miles
                    D7                                                                   G
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles

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Rail To Reel album notes from Wepecket Island Records

“Andru Bemis is a traditionalist with a fresh approach and a modern troubadour with deep respect for the roots of his craft. He is a gifted vocalist and instrumentalist. His music speaks to our present condition in language of a gentler past.

This CD is a magic mixture of traditional songs that sound brand new and songs written by Andru that are timeless. “Just Like Huck Finn” is destined to become a musical classic just as its forebear has become a literary classic. His treatment of “500 Miles” shows respect and humor at the same time — not an easy thing to bring off.” — Wepecket Island Records

“Rail To Reel” — album by Andru Bemis

So many thanks to: the whole lot o’ ye thieves and tramps who hitched, hopped, walked, drove and rode to be on this album …. Rachel, Rich, Mike, Jeremy K., Liam, Todd, Phil, Derek, Rick, Ellie-May, Mallory, Dylan, Sheaf, Karl, Dad, Jeremy B., and Nathan; Ian Gorman for putting up with the long, late nights in my tiny house while I stumbled, hollered, mumbled and yawned my way through these recordings; Jack Radcliffe and Wepecket Island Records for the encouragement and incentive to record a bunch of other folks’ songs; Jeffrey Dick and the First Congregational Church of South Haven; the staff and board of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Birthplace Museum in South Haven; Jeremy & Sam Keen; TG Music in Goshen; Mike Brown; JC Hartsfield for the Tascam 388; Aaron Cobbs for not kickin’ me outta the house; Sarah Schneider for the banjolele; Ahsan Haq for keeping me fed; Mom, Dad, Rachel, Nathan, Sharon, and Jeremy; everyone at Ground Vinyl Records; and of course, all the venues, fans, promoters, musicians and friends who have been so extraordinarily kind to me in my travels- y’all know very well who you are.

This album is dedicated to Jack Ferguson, who chased a train halfway across Michigan on Valentines Day, 2004, with a box full of “Singer.” I don’t forget these things….

  • Karl Andrews (tuba)
  • Don Bemis (clarinet)
  • Jeremy Bemis (trombone)
  • Nathan Bemis (trumpet)
  • Todd Burdick (banjo)
  • Rich Burnett (vocals)
  • Liam Warfield (pump organ)
  • Jeremy Keen (banjo, percussion, vocals)
  • Derek Kratzer (upright bass)
  • Phil Leonard (piano)
  • Mike Reeb (drums, percussion, vocals)
  • Rachel Ries (vocals)
  • Rick Swanson (12-string guitar)
  • the Tramps: Ellie-May, Mallory, Dylan, Sheaf (vocals, percussion)

Produced by Andru Bemis. Recorded July–September, 2005, by Ian Gorman & Andru Bemis. Andru’s vocals, guitar, banjo & banjolele recorded by Ian at Andru’s home (South Haven, MI). All others recorded by Andru at the following locations: Andru Bemis’ home, South Haven, MI (horns, vocals, guitar, percussion); First Congregational Church, South Haven, MI (piano); Jeremy & Sam Keen’s home, Lombard, IL (vocals, banjo drums, percussion); Liberty Hyde Bailey Birthplace Museum, South Haven, MI (pump organ, banjo); TG Music, Goshen, IN (upright bass). Mixed September-October, 2005, by Bemis at home. All photographs by Mike Brown.

"Rail to Reel" - Cover Art
“Rail to Reel” – Cover Art