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“Secrets of the Stream” — lyrics & chords

Words by Donald Harrell. Music by Andru Bemis

(C – Em – F – G)
(Am – F – G – Em)
(C – Am – Dm – G – C – F – G)

          C                        F                                          D7                         G
The Black River Pathway runs from Bangor to the shore
                  C                               Em                     F                             G
And it’s there for us to paddle as it flows on ever more
       Am                          F                      G                               Em
By our canoes or kayaks, no matter how we go
          C              Am        Dm                     G                C  F  G
The secrets of the stream we’ll come to know

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Oberlin farewell concert at Riverdog (Wakeman, OH) with Janet Gray Michal, Marion Parker, Tom Somsak, and Sweet Potato Spoon — videos and photos by Paula Conklin

Videos courtesy of Paula Conklin

Hickory Ridge Concert Series at Lewistown Visitors Center (Lewistown, IL) — videos by Mark King

Videos courtesy of Mark King