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Radio Radio (Indianapolis, IN) with John Reilly and Friends — review by Reel Scoop, photos by Emily Steele

… When things finally got rockin’ and rollin’—er, so to speak, [John C. Reilly] came out and introduced their warm up act (the first time I’ve ever been present for a warm up and NOT wanted to kill myself) Andru Bemis, who played some sweet-ass banjo and sang old folk songs, real old … Continue Reading ››

Codfish Hollow Barnstormer (Maquoketa, IA) — review and photos by Hoopla and Matt Erickson

"… [Andru] Bemis, the opening act for the night’s show, provide [sic] an introduction for those who were unaccustomed with the country twang of bluegrass music. The audience waited with hopeful anticipation for the strumming to begin from the slim character peeking at everyone through his wide rimmed spectacles. In his dark fedora … Continue Reading ››