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A Secret City in the Country: An Obie Award Winning Church-of-Art Sunday Service wins Converts in New York City and Woodstock

The Secret City is one of my favorite events. The next happening is on July 31st at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, NY. If you’re anywhere in the area, I hope you’ll attend. You will not regret it.

Upstater.com | Summer 2016

This may sound name-droppy, but here goes: Whenever I’m met with confusion on the part of someone I’ve invited to join me at one of The Secret City’s tent-revival-style Sunday “services”—held monthly in Manhattan and in Woodstock once each summer—I whip out my “Cash card.” As in: “Oh, by the way, The Secret City is something Rosanne Cash told me about. She’s performed there.”

That’s all it takes to persuade the uninitiated to come along to this ceremony/performance/salon hybrid described as a “church of art.” By the end of the service, they’re complete converts … Read the full article at Upstater.com ››

“Andru Bemis Visits Tulsa For First Time” — article and photos by R.J. Slately

By R.J. Slately, Dec. 2015

Singer-songwriter and string instrumentalist Andru Bemis recently visited Tulsa, Oklahoma for the first time, to the delight of audiences and the benefit of numerous musical instruments. Bemis—who tours nationally, regularly impressing with his driving clawhammer banjo playing, old-time Irish fiddling, nimble finger-picking on the guitar, humorous and heartfelt songs, and crowd-friendly personality—arrived in mid-October and played several times while in town. His performances included a Friday night gig at the popular Coffee House on Cherry Street, a Wednesday evening service at All Souls Unitarian Church (accompanied during one number by pianist Rick Fortner, the church’s musical director), and a greatly appreciated voluntary show for Methodist Manor retirement community. Continue reading “Andru Bemis Visits Tulsa For First Time” — article and photos by R.J. Slately