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Lincoln Center (New York, NY) with John Reilly and Friends — photos by Kevin Yatarola

Images courtesy of Kevin Yatarola Photography

Winter Tour 2015 — John Reilly & Friends

Andru Bemis is hitting the road again with the John Reilly and Friends Winter Tour! Andru will open for each show, and then will join the band during the feature set.

Of the many hats worn by veteran entertainer John C. Reilly—actor, producer, comedian, screenwriter—American roots music brings him to the East Coast this Winter. In collaboration with an extraordinary group of friends including Becky Stark (songbird of Lavender Diamond), Tom Brosseau (an exceptional singer/songwriter), and other special guests, Reilly plays musical host in a set filled with eternal folk songs, classic country tunes, and bluegrass standards. In a special night of community through music and tradition, they join forces to conjure magic from the roots of the tree of song fresh from an acclaimed performance at the Newport Folk Festival.

John Reilly and Friends’ Winter Tour 2015

Radio Radio (Indianapolis, IN) with John Reilly and Friends — review by Reel Scoop, photos by Emily Steele

… When things finally got rockin’ and rollin’—er, so to speak, [John C. Reilly] came out and introduced their warm up act (the first time I’ve ever been present for a warm up and NOT wanted to kill myself) Andru Bemis, who played some sweet-ass banjo and sang old folk songs, real old ones, like the first ones ever. He warmed up the crowd sufficiently, inducing a sing along and called himself the canary of the show, coming out to see what kind of crowd they had on their hands …” — The Reel Scoop

Images courtesy of Emily Steele