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Oberlin farewell concert at Riverdog (Wakeman, OH) with Janet Gray Michal, Marion Parker, Tom Somsak, and Sweet Potato Spoon — videos and photos by Paula Conklin

Videos courtesy of Paula Conklin

“Kickin’ My Dawg” — lyrics & chords

Traditional. Arranged by Andru Bemis

 F                         Dm
Every time I come to town
              F                      C7                   F
Them boys keep kicking my dawg around
It doesn’t matter that he’s a hound
            F                       C7                    F
They gotta stop kicking my dawg around

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Hill Street Boat House (Seattle, WA) — live recording and video by Jesse Card

Videos courtesy of Jesse Card

Recording courtesy of Jesse Card

Electric Brew (Goshen, IN) — live recording by Grant Beachy

Recording courtesy of Grant Beachy