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“Stephen” — lyrics & chords

Words and music by Andru Bemis

Stephen loved the poor and weak
            Gm                                Dm7
They killed him with a stone
An angel from heaven held his hand
 Gm                                      Cm
Stephen didn’t even moan
             Gm                         Dm7  Gm
Poor Stephen didn’t even moan

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“Say Yes To Yourself!” — album by Elisabeth Pixley-Fink and Andru Bemis

This is a collection of home recordings made during the late summer days of 2011 in Kalamazoo and South Haven, Michigan. We released the record on September 16, 2011, to honor Andrew D. Wolf, who died in a bicycle accident on September 16, 2010. PRESENTE! For you and with you always.

Credits & Acknowledgements
  • Elisabeth Pixley-Fink (piano, guitar, singing)
  • Andru Bemis (banjo, fiddle, guitar, singing)
  • Samantha Cooper (fiddle)

Recorded and mixed by Elisabeth and Andru. Album art, design, and lettering by Elisabeth and Andru. Many thanks to Pat Carroll, Ira Cohen, Sam Cooper, Jeffrey Dick, Matt Wood, and especially You!

Album Cover Art
“Say Yes To Yourself!” – Cover art

Electric Brew (Goshen, IN) — live recording by Grant Beachy

Recording courtesy of Grant Beachy