Andru Bemis

Andru Bemis tour dates

Andru Bemis is an American Folk musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, radio host, live music producer, and piano tuner. Since leaving his job as a postman in 2001, Andru has toured hundreds of thousands of miles (mostly by train, bus, and public transportation) throughout North America. He has released three solo albums and many collaborations with other artists.

Chenango Sessions

Andru’s weekly, one-hour, nationally syndicated radio program, the Chenango Sessions, features world-class musicians recorded live in small rooms, mostly around Binghamton, New York.

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Cranberry Coffeehouse

Andru also hosts the Cranberry Coffeehouse, one of the longest continuously-running venues for traditional folk and acoustic music in New York’s Southern Tier.

Piano Rescue

At home and on the road, Andru tunes pianos for universities, concert halls, clubs, bars, churches, community centers, and in private homes. He offers no-charge tuning and basic repairs for free piano exchanges within the Binghamton area, as well as free servicing for pianos which are playable by the public and located in public or community spaces.