Piano Rescue

Andru began tuning pianos in 2008, and has been servicing and tuning professionally since 2012. Besides working on instruments for clients throughout the U.S., he brings new life to neglected or unwanted pianos by offering no-charge tuning and basic repairs for free piano exchanges (ie. Craigslist) when they reach their new homes in the Binghamton, area. He also offers free servicing for pianos which are playable by the public and located in public or community spaces.

Piano Life Saver Certified Installer

If you think your piano is untunable due to its age or condition, you are probably mistaken. In Andru’s experience, most neglected pianos can be returned to playing condition with only a few hours of work. Even lower-quality spinets, century-old uprights, and pianos which haven’t been touched in twenty years can almost always be made to sing again.

Available services & pricing

Tuning–Semiannual (<7 months from last service)$60.00
Tuning–Annual (7-13 months from last service)$80.00
Tuning–Occasional (>13 months from last service)$120.00
Tuning–Pitch Raise (>25 cents flat)$150.00
Repairs & Other Service (per hour)$30.00
Mileage (when applicable; per mile)$0.55
Free Piano Exchanges (1st tuning, basic service & repairs)NO CHARGE
Public/Community Pianos (tuning & basic service)NO CHARGE

Pricing is flexible for folks on fixed incomes or with a limited budget. Let Andru know what you can afford, and he will find a way to make it work.