Piano Rescue: 1907 Kimball upright


This free 1907 Kimball upright piano looks beautiful, and has an unusually rich and deep tone. It has a few broken action parts which I will need to repair or replace for it to be fully playable, and the quiet pedal and middle pedal are both broken. The sustain pedal works fine, however. The action is in good condition, but its parts are getting brittle with age. The cast iron plate is larger than most, which helps with tuning stability. I wouldn’t recommend this for a professional pianist on account of the older action parts, but as a nice practice piano and a lovely piece of furniture, it’ll serve quite well.

The piano is located in Johnson City, New York, on a first floor. It will need to go down one step inside the house, then 2-3 more stairs to the reach the driveway. I’ll tune it up and repair it for no charge after it reaches its new home in the Binghamton area. If you’d like this piano, or if you have questions, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the owner.