“Singer” — album review by Phantom Tollbooth

Andru Bemis has very different career goals. He says he always wanted to be a hobo, but he found jumping off a train with three instruments and a box on CD ended up being a pretty good way to get himself arrested, so he did the next best thing-he bought 16,000 miles of train tickets…

Moonlight Music Cafe (Birmingham, AL) — quote

“… one of the most remarkable combinations of old-time analog lifestyle and modern digital awareness … His music is really beguiling- simple melodies and intricate lyrics … a startling original.” — Keith Harrellson; Moonlight Music Cafe [Birmingham, AL]

“Singer” — album review by Tipp-C

“… Bemis expresses sadness and joy with each chord. He tells stories in a unique, bittersweet way that sticks in your mind like long goodbyes at the train station.” — Tipp-C [Lafayette, IN]

Review by Mennofolk

“This young man sings like a 30s cowboy, a 60s hippie, someone’s kid brother. His music whispers in your ear with an intimacy that is addictive.” — Wendy Chappell-Dick; Mennofolk