Chenango Sessions Ep. 83: Eclectic Mix

This week’s program features a mix of artists, mostly recorded at home during the pandemic. Listen to the Episode Playlist time artist title album 00:00 Jaerv “Jag Ser Dig” (Markus Gustavsson) 2020-03-03 Bundy Museum, Binghamton, NY 05:31 Tim Eriksen “Aber Dojde Donke” (trad.) 2020-08-16 Amherst, MA 09:20 Jenn Cornell “Earth Born Despite Our Differences” 2020-07-03…

Drunk Greg the Wedding Crashing Trail Police, and other news

Hello friends! My apologies for this rare mass email, but I have lots of news to share, and it’s all good. Within the last several months, I got married and moved to Oberlin, Ohio. Foundry Hall moved to a new location in South Haven, Michigan, and is going strong. And I’m touring and tuning pianos, hopefully near you….