Chenango Sessions Ep. 86: Hiroya Tsukamoto | Christmas w/ Newberry & Verch

This week on the Chenango Sessions, we visit with the Japanese guitarist, composer, and singer-songwriter Hiroya Tsukamoto, who recorded a set of songs and stories for us from his home. Then, at the end of the show, we hear a few songs for the Christmas season from April Verch and Joe Newberry.

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00:00Corner House“Old Christmas” [trad.]2019-07-08 Chenango Sessions, Binghamton, NY
03:39Hiroya Tsukamoto“From Coast to Coast”2020-12 Chenango Sessions, NYC, NY
08:16Hiroya Tsukamoto“Coast Line Remembrance”2020-12 Chenango Sessions, NYC, NY
14:26Hiroya Tsukamoto“Takibi”2020-12 Chenango Sessions, NYC, NY
20:13Hiroya Tsukamoto“Asadoya Yunta” [trad.]2020-12 Chenango Sessions, NYC, NY
24:46Hiroya Tsukamoto“No Matter How Far”2020-12 Chenango Sessions, NYC, NY
30:11Hiroya Tsukamoto“Morningtide Will Bring Another Day”2020-12 Chenango Sessions, NYC, NY
39:31Newberry and Verch“Breaking up Christmas”2018-12-18 Chenango Sessions, Binghamton, NY
40:05Newberry and Verch“The Box” [April Verch]2018-12-18 Chenango Sessions, Binghamton, NY
43:18Newberry and Verch“Christmas in the Trenches” [John McCutcheon]2018-12-18 Chenango Sessions, Binghamton, NY
50:30Newberry and Verch“Santa Brought Me a Yodel for Christmas” [Joe Newberry]2018-12-18 Chenango Sessions, Binghamton, NY
54:55Newberry and Verch“On Christmas Eve” [John Hartford]2018-12-18 Chenango Sessions, Binghamton, NY


00:00 – Corner House. “Old Christmas” (trad.).
03:39 – Hiroya Tsukamoto. “From Coast to Coast”.
08:16 – Hiroya Tsukamoto. “Coast Line Remembrance”.
14:26 – Hiroya Tsukamoto. “Takibi”.
20:13 – Hiroya Tsukamoto. “Asadoya Yunta” (trad.).
24:46 – Hiroya Tsukamoto. “No Matter How Far”.
30:11 – Hiroya Tsukamoto. “Morningtide Will Bring Another Day”.
39:31 – Newberry & Verch. “Breaking Up Christmas” (trad.).
40:05 – Newberry & Verch. “The Box” (April Verch).
43:18 – Newberry & Verch. “Christmas in the Trenches” (John McCutcheon).
50:30 – Newberry & Verch. “Santa Brought Me a Yodel for Christmas” (Joe Newberry).
54:55 – Newberry & Verch. “On Christmas Eve” (John Hartford).