“Banjolele” — lyrics & chords

Adapted from “I Love My Ukulele,” by Fred Howard and Nat Vincent. 1930. Arranged by Andru Bemis

   E              B7          E I love my banjolele          E6   E        B7 My ukulanjolele    B              B6         B I love to play it daily         B7                         E It’s always out of tune     E I placed a bet once on a horse                                          B I can’t forget that day                     B7 I put my last two bucks on the mare named “Luck”                                          E She ran the other way Seems every time I take a walk I get lost in the park So I eat nothing but garlic now You can find me in the dark It’s twelve o’clock, I’m trying to sleep The neighbors are watching TV That blue light blinking through my windowpane And the noise don’t bother me To the fella who took my bike I hope that you enjoy it You can ride it if you like But please do not destroy it Some days are bad, some are worse Most are simply terrible There’s one thing I like to sing To make them somewhat bearable