Daytrotter Session (Rock Island, IL) with Tom Brosseau — recordings by Patrick Stolley

Image courtesy of Johnnie Cluney / Daytrotter

One lovely afternoon in May, nestled in a room of a thousand guitar amplifiers, in the quiet intervals between the racket of a jackhammer tearing up the street outside, Tom Brosseau and I recorded six songs at Daytrotter’s FutureAppletree Studios in Rock Island, Illinois. Now, gentle reader, don’t be dismayed when you see no mention of my name associated with these recordings … I assure you, ’twas me. Tracks 4–5 are duets of a couple very old and very beautiful folk songs, and 6–7 are solos of my own. You must become a Daytrotter member to hear/download the recordings with me on them, but I trust you will not regret your decision … (listen here)