“Kickin’ My Dawg” — lyrics & chords

Traditional. Arranged by Andru Bemis

 F                         Dm
Every time I come to town
              F                      C7                   F
Them boys keep kicking my dawg around
It doesn’t matter that he’s a hound
            F                       C7                    F
They gotta stop kicking my dawg around

Me and Lem Briggs and old Bill Brown
Took a load of corn to town
My old dawg, Jim, the ornery old cuss
Well he just naturally followed us

As we drove past Johnson’s store
A pile of yaps ran out the door
Jim, he scooted behind a box
Cause all them fellers was throwing rocks

They tied a can to old Jim’s tail
And ran him past the county jail
That just naturally made us sore
Lem, he cussed, and Bill, he swore

Well, me and Lem Briggs and old Bill Brown
We lost no time getting down
We swept them fellers right into the ground
For kickin’ my old dawg, Jim, around

Jim seen his duty right there and then
He lit right into them gentlemen
He sure messed up the courthouse square
With rags and meat and hide and hair