“Stephen” — lyrics & chords

Words and music by Andru Bemis

Stephen loved the poor and weak
            Gm                                Dm7
They killed him with a stone
An angel from heaven held his hand
 Gm                                      Cm
Stephen didn’t even moan
             Gm                         Dm7  Gm
Poor Stephen didn’t even moan

Jesus when you come for me
How will I really know?
Send my brother Gabriel down
To make that whistle blow
Oh, make that whistle blow

Rock me river, rock me dear
To the depths below
Carry my body away from here
When it’s my time to go
Oh, when’s my time to go?

I’m doing the best I can
I cannot do no more
Wanna get to heaven and the holy land
I gotta keep on the narrow road
Keep on the narrow road

When I die you can bury me
Boil or burn my bones
Drown them in the deepest sea
But don’t ever let me die alone
No, never let me die alone