Once upon a brilliant day I moved m’computer and my maps and my Amtrak national timetable to a wee table at a theatre in mah town. From this spot I wuz to plan mah trips and travails fer the coming year. But this small world is forever new, and today m’computer is rested upon a much larger table at this same theatre under a different name and a fresh beginning, and I have a title. And that title is “gen’rul man-uh-jer.” Which means that now I sweep and mop and paint and fix and move and sort and try my best with the help of a few good friends to make this holey boat fit to float its ownself so’s I can once again flip mah thumb to the highway an’ mah feet to the road to find m’way to you.

To those many o’ you who’ve recently written without response, I apologize. I’ve been mostly away from the internet for almost two months, but I’m back online now and promise I will write soon. And to you who’d like to hear me play in yer town, please don’t lose faith yet. I’m not planning any long tours for several months, at least, but I’ll still go most anywhere fer a hun’red bucks and a train ticket (which you might possibly find here: ). All’s ya gotta do is ask.

In the meantime, I intend to make the most of my time here at home in writin’, practicin’ the fiddle and thinkin’ on recording my fourth album, which I might unleash sometime in 2008. I also hope to make vast quantities of soup to share with you travelers and wanderers who find yerselves in my small southwestern corner of Michigan.

Lest you fear that I’m totally out of commission, here’s wot’s coming up. More shows are on the way, so keep a watchful eye on : :

– TAUNTON, MA – FRI, OCT 5 – 4:00 PM
Grounds Stage @ Taunton River Folk Fest

– TAUNTON, MA – SAT, OCT 6 – 1:00 PM
Grounds Stage @ Taunton River Folk Fest
Banjo Styles Workshop
w/ Ken Perlman, Sherman Lee Dillon, Jim Bennet & Andy Cohen

– TAUNTON, MA – SAT, OCT 6 – 5:00 PM
Coffee House @ Taunton River Folk Fest

– TAUNTON, MA – SUN, OCT 7 – 10:00 PM
Coffee House @ Taunton River Folk Fest

– SOUTH HAVEN, MI – FRI, OCT 26 – 7:00 PM
Foundry Hall, 422 Eagle St
hosting the Halloween Open Mic & Costume Party

– SOUTH HAVEN, MI – SAT, OCT 27 – 8:00 PM – $5
Foundry Hall, 422 Eagle St
w/ Brian Cutean –

– KALAMAZOO, MI – THU, NOV 1 – 9:00 PM – $5
Kraftbrau, 402 E Kalamazoo Ave
w/ the Spikedrivers –
& Luke Sayers –



(tentative date)

Guadalajara University
w/ Jaramar –
(tentative date)