“The Lone Arranger Writes Again”

It’s seven years after the millenium, and several facts have come to my attention:

a)   ‘Away In A Manger’ can be improved by replacing “Lord Jesus” with “lone ranger.”

b)   December 25 should henceforth be called “Moneymas” so as not to offend those of the Christian faith.

c)   Four new houses have been built on my block since January 2006. I worry a bit that a tractor might disorient itself and munch my leetle shack next. So I spend my days on the front porch with a shotgun and a menacing scowl. I’m all outta shells, but the machines don’t know this.

d)   I have a new fiddle. But it’s old.

e)   A car in the road will stop for another car in the road if the other car in the road is stopped to make a turn. But a car in the road will honk at a bicycle in the road if the bicycle is stopped to make a turn. Same goes fer bicycles in parking spaces and driveways.

f)   Replace “bicycle” with “pedestrian.”

g)   It’s that time again. You know what I’m talking about …. where the kid with the banjo and the big hat comes to your town to honk at cars.


Upcoming Andru Bemis shows (find full details and information at https://www.andrubemis.com/about/tour_dates/ or by checking with the venue website/email address):

– SOUTH HAVEN, MI – 12 JAN (Fri)
Eagle Street Theatre w/ Rachel Ries, Hailey Wojcik – http://eagletheatre.org

– KALAMAZOO, MI – 13 JAN (Sat)
Kraftbrau Brewery w/ Rachel Ries, the Cornfed Girls – http://kraftbraubrewery.com

Acadia Cafe w/ Anthony Newes, the Floorbirds, Jesse Henry – http://acadiacafe.com

– MANKATO, MN – 15 JAN (Mon)
Coffee Hag w/ Jesse Henry – http://myspace.com/thecoffeehag

– DAVENPORT, IA – 16 JAN (Tue)
(early show) Mojo’s Cafe w/ Jesse Henry – http://rivermusicexperience.com

– GALESBURG, IL – 16 JAN (Tue)
(late show) Knox College Houseconcert w/ Jesse Henry – pburghar@mac.com

– CHICAGO, IL – 17 JAN (Wed)
Uncommon Ground w/ Rachel Ries, Jesse Henry – http://uncommonground.com

Madisonville Community College Library – dowedar@hotmail.com

(early show) Evansville Central Library – http://evpl.org

(late show) Penny Lane Coffeehouse – http://pennylanecoffee.com

(early show) Lazy Daze Coffeehouse – http://lazydazecoffeehouse.com

(late show) Melody Inn Tavern – http://melodyindy.com

– BLUFFTON, OH – 21 JAN (Sun)
TBA – wendy@mennofolk.org

– help? – 22-24 JAN (Mon-Wed)
(Ohio / Buffalo, NY / Ontario) – booking@andrubemis.com

– TORONTO, ON – 25 JAN (Thu)
Mitzi’s Sister w/ Rich Burnett, Nancy Dutra – http://mitzissister.com

– MONO CLIFFS, ON – 26 JAN (Fri)
Mono Cliffs w/ Rich Burnett, Devin & the Darklight – rich@groundvinyl.com

Cafe Rhythm & Books w/ Rich Burnett – rich@groundvinyl.com

– OAKVILLE, ON – 28 JAN (Sun)
Moonshine Cafe w/ Rich Burnett – http://themoonshinecafe.com

– help? – 29-30 JAN (Mon-Tue)
(Ontario w/ Rich Burnett) – booking@andrubemis.com

– WATERLOO, ON – 31 JAN (Wed)
(private show) Conrad Grebel University College – http://grebel.uwaterloo.ca

– ANN ARBOR, MI – 2 FEB (Fri)
Crazy Wisdom Tearoom w/ Sari Brown – http://crazywisdom.net

– help? – 3 FEB (Sat)
(southern Michigan / northern Indiana) – booking@andrubemis.com

Lake County Folk Club – http://thelakecountyfolkclub.org

– help? – 5-8 FEB (Mon-Thu)
(western WA / western OR / Chicago-area) – booking@andrubemis.com

– PORTLAND, OR – 9 FEB (Fri)
TBA – andru@andrubemis.com

– help? – 10-14 FEB (Sat-Wed)
(western WA / western OR / Chicago-area) – booking@andrubemis.com

– KALAMAZOO, MI – 21 FEB (Wed)
Kraftbrau Brewery w/ Robert Blake – http://kraftbraubrewery.com

Also in the works:
– USA, West Coast to East Coast Amtrak tour in April & May
– USA, Northeast + some possible Northern European shows in June
– USA, on a riverboat to New Orleans in August
– Southwest MI shows w/ Sari Brown, Drew Gibson, Twilight Hotel, the Detholz, Seth Bernard & Daisy May….

…keep an eye on https://www.andrubemis.com/about/tour_dates/ for updates & details!

– SETH BERNARD & DAISY MAY – http://earthworkmusic.com
– ROBERT BLAKE – http://sameroomrecords.com
– SARI BROWN – http://saribrown.com
– RICH BURNETT – http://richburnett.com
– CORNFED GIRLS – http://myspace.com/thecornfedgirls
– DETHOLZ – http://detholz.com
– DEVIN & THE DARKLIGHT – http://myspace.com/devinandthedarklight
– NANCY DUTRA – http://nancydutra.com
– FLOORBIRDS – http://myspace.com/thefloorbirds
– DREW GIBSON – http://drew-gibson.com
– JESSE HENRY & THE SPIKEDRIVERS – http://jessehenry.com (or) http://thespikedrivers.com
– ANTHONY NEWES – http://tonynewes.com
– RACHEL RIES – http://rachelries.com
– TWILIGHT HOTEL – http://twilighthotel.ca
– HAILEY WOJCIK – http://haileywojcik.com

Thanks to each of you for continuing to support and encourage me by buying albums, coming to shows, arranging performances, sharing my music with yer friends, and keeping me in yer thoughts through kind words and best wishes. You all make it possible for me to do what I most enjoy. From yer good friend, the banjo player ~ Andru