Chenango Sessions Ep. 67: Corner House

This week on the Chenango Sessions, we revisit an 8 July 2019 performance by the Boston-based quartet, Corner House. The band was traveling from Rochester to Lancaster, and stopped through Binghamton for the night. We recorded this set after breakfast around a single mic in Sarah’s and my living room. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the rocking chair and drinking morning coffee while Louise Bichan (fiddle and banjo), Ethan Hawkins (guitar and voice), Casey Murray (cello), and Ethan Setiawan (mandolin) weave their exquisite Irish-Scottish-Appalachian-Bluegrass influenced tunes a couple feet away. I’m so pleased to be able to share the fruits of that lovely morning with you!

Funding for the Chenango Sessions is provided in part by a project grant from the Broome County Arts Council’s United Cultural Fund.

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(Unless otherwise noted, all songs performed by Corner House, and recorded by Andru Bemis, 8 July 2019.)

  • 00:00 – [Intro] Bemis, Andru.  “Two Years Too Late”.  Rail To Reel, Wepecket, 2006.
  • 01:00 – “Happy Now”.  Written by Ethan Hawkins.
  • 05:10 – “Farewell to Whalley Range”.  Written by Michael McGoldrick.
  • 07:40 – “Soggy’s Slip Jig”.  Written by Sean Og Graham.
  • 11:01 – “Rolling Home”.  Written by Nathan Moore.
  • 16:20 – “Smart Folks”.  Written by Ethan Setiawan.
  • 20:04 – “Far Clouds”.  Written by Casey Murray.
  • 24:12 – “Door County #2”.  Written by Larry Unger.
  • 27:42 – “You’re Great”.  Written by Ethan Hawkins.
  • 32:47 – “They Stole My Wife Last Night”.  Traditional.
  • 38:58 – “Through the Snow Covered Pines”.  Written by Casey Murray.
  • 42:57 – “Work”.  Written by Ethan Hawkins & Ethan Setiawan.
  • 46:42 – “Old Christmas”.  Traditional.
  • 49:46 – “Magnus’s 21st”.  Written by Louise Bichan.
  • 52:51 – “The Strynd”.  Traditional.
  • 55:34 – [Outro] “Friends With the Weather”.  Written by Ethan Setiawan.