Chenango Sessions Ep. 71: Jez Lowe

The great British songwriter Jez Lowe released his first album in 1980, and has been touring and performing throughout the world ever since. Besides his solo career, Jez is known for his work with the bands, the Bad Pennies, the Pitmen Poets, the Broonzies, Men at Words, and also for his longtime collaboration with the BBC series, the Radio Ballads. This week on the Chenango Sessions, we revisit Jez’s September, 2019, performance at Binghamton’s Cranberry Coffeehouse.

Funding for the Chenango Sessions is provided in part by a Project Grant from the Broome County Arts Council‘s United Cultural Fund.

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(Unless otherwise noted, all songs written and performed by Jez Lowe, and recorded by Andru Bemis, 22 September 2019)

  • 00:00 – [Intro] Bemis, Andru.  “Two Years Too Late”.  Rail To Reel, Wepecket, 2006.
  • 01:00 – “Taking on Men”.
  • 05:36 – “Bother at the Hoppins”.
  • 12:30 – “The Bergen”.
  • 18:11 – “The Wrong Bus”.
  • 23:17 – “Fan Dancer’s Daughter”.
  • 29:21 – “This Is Not My Tribe”.
  • 34:00 – “The Ex Pitmen’s Potholing Pub Quiz Team”.
  • 40:00 – “Britannia”.
  • 44:42 – “Back in Durham Gaol”.
  • 50:09 – “Black Diamonds”.
  • 55:04 – [Outro] “Hands Feet”.